Saturday, December 31, 2011

A note to my 21-year-old self

Oh no, the last day of 2011. What a year for me! But I'm not going to look back on it in this post. I'd rather go back ten years ago when I was 21.

I've always thought of writing a "note to my XX-year-old self", so I chose to write to my 21-year-old self because 2001 was a pivotal year for me. For one, I graduated from university, hence, I entered the world of being a real adult. And most importantly, I lost my virginity when I was 21. Okay, okay, I'm a fucking late bloomer. Charot!

So what will I tell my 21-year-old self?

On life in general, I'd say: "Gurrrl, life is not always fair. Most of the time, in fact, life is just damn unfair. The sooner you accept that, the more at peace you'd be with life." Harsh, but true, chai mai?

On your goals: Keep them high, but also make the most of surprising opportunities. Don't be afraid to tweak your goals along the way; it's not a sign of failure, but it only means you can adapt.

On knowledge: Be hungry to learn new things. Read. Most of the time there's no practical reason for knowing these things except to exercise your mind, a worthy goal in itself. Travel. It costs a lot but you'd have a lifetime of memories.

On your skills: You'll never be a good singer. Focus on what you do well and keep on honing it because you can always be better. Also, learn new skills that you can be good at. But, again, you cannot sing.

On success: Don't feel entitled to success. You have to earn it. Work your ass off. You may not always have the results you want, but be proud of your efforts nonetheless, and be humble about your achievements.

On other people: Respect them all the time and they'd respect you back. Three words: empathize, empathize, empathize. Be mindful that everyone has a story.

On family: Continue loving them with all your might. Your parents are as human as you are, so be generous in affirming them you love them.

On friends: They come and go, most of them at least. But nurture the few ones who you feel would accept you in spite of you. You'd be lucky with your friends. They're all amazing and generous. You'd have them for life.

On men: All men think with their dicks. There are many nice, decent, loving ones, of course, but ultimately they are all driven by their cocks. Don't take it personally; it's just how nature programmed them, including yourself.

On sex: This will be your year, gurl. Just don't expect too much. There will be NO fireworks. With the right person though it can be quite special.

On beauty: Enjoy that18-inch waistline. It will stay for only another two years, and then it all goes downhill from there.

In conclusion: Be fearless. Take risks. Keep on learning. Enjoy your youth. Love your family. Treasure your friends. Life would be very kind to you. And, bitch, 31 is not as old as you think.


Kiks said...

at 18-inches talaga ang waistline.

with that, 21-yr old K, indeed those 18 inches will bring you everywhere.

and anywhere you go. :-)

Lyka Bergen said...

Feeling ko, parang nagbabasa lang ako ng..... 'Desiderata' ! Pls lang!

Was Once said...

Do you think of yourself in relationship to time? Then you should remember the birth of your consciousness.

my.dairy.bread said...

hey G you made me think jud after reading this blog...hmmm...what would i say to my 21 year old self ??? " get off the couch and get a job? " char...

Kate said...

Love the reflective tone on this entry. Others include “Things you love about 2011.” and those on Myanmar and “Lara Stone.” I especially loved your post detailing your obsessive compulsive-ness regarding your own space. Your “2011” entries led me to search ‘Andrej Pejic’ and ‘Room’—which, thanks to you I have it in my Book Wish List.Simply put, you now have a fan in me :)

Anyway, I’m planning to go on a trip myself to Myanmar next week and was wondering if it’s easy for Filipinos to get a visa in Bangkok and what are the requirements. Also, which hostel did you stay at Yangon and do you have any tips? Any warnings? I'll be in Bangkok this coming Saturday :)
I’m from Cebu and currently working as a teacher in China and if you’d like to go to China and have any questions, I’d be happy to help.
Hope we could get in touch! My email's yukatherine AT


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