Sunday, March 18, 2012

Annual Convention

I'm just on the way to recovering from a cold and cough, both of which are repercussions of the previous weekend's debauchery. It was that time of the year again when Pinoy Fierceness congregates in one place for a blast, Bangkok being this year's lucky choice. 

Remember our Bali escapade last year? Yes, I'm talking about (more or less) the same fierce people.

We had our two birthday girls from San Francisco, La Fuchsiaboy from Siem Reap, two socialites from Ilo-ilo, and Gibo (who doesn't have a title these days). 

Knowing very well there's going to be loads of partying and excess, I did not smoke, drink, or party three weeks before they arrived. And I had to try hard to lose weight because damn we're a judgmental bunch.

So last weekend turned out to be a chika-fest with loads of smoking, drinking, and dancing. How else would you spend your time with friends, chai mai?

It's so hard to believe we've known each other for four years now, and considering we've only met through blogging (those were the days). 


fuchsiaboy said...

love! i can't believe we all met through blogging. the red sky at centara grand was magnifique. of course, cherry was the ghetto fabulous after-after-party at noodie house. hilarious!

Mr. Retovado said...

i enjoy reading your blog... i am so envious that you're living there in bangkok... have you been to ko khred?

Lyka Bergen said...

one word... Magical!


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