Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Ladies Who Brunch

The Pinoy Gay Mafia made a short trip across the Chao Phraya River two weekends ago. I've heard of the Bangkok Tree House about a year ago, back in its construction phase. Its concept of being an eco-friendly hotel immediately caught my attention. Its location in the so-called lungs of Bangkok is equally interesting (I've written about a previous visit to Phra Padaeng).

Norlash organized the little brunch on a Sunday morning. We just rode the Skytrain to Bangna, took a short cab drive to the river, and then a quick trip on a boat. It's that easy but being in such a verdant place made us feel like we were far from the city.

One of the things that we noticed right away are the wooden decks draped with white cloth. I know, it's a dramatic welcome (not exactly intended for us though). I was also immediately impressed to see the mirrored exterior walls of the rooms, thus reflecting its surroundings of lush palm leaves. It's like double the view!

The restaurant has all these bamboo tubes, for lack of a better term, hanging from the ceiling, which are then reflected by the mirrored table tops. The bayots instantly fell in love with the place.

Brunch lasted for about four hours of delicious food, very friendly staff, and a pleasant breeze from the river. (It was still freaking humid though as it is the height of summer in Bangkok.)

The staff offered to bring us around the rooms, which I've seen in many blogs and such. The first floor is basically the shower and toilet, the floor of which is glass. You can watch the crabs and fish as you sit on the throne!

An odd-looking staircase leads to the bedroom on the second floor. And then one floor up is the roof deck, perfect for sunbathing at daytime or stargazing at night.

The Pinoy Gay Mafia is already cooking a plan to spend a weekend there (hopefully when it's not as humid anymore).

After brunch, we walked around the swamp... well, we were walking on narrow concrete planks or walkways. It is in fact the perfect place to get lost in on a bicycle. Well, that should be for next time.

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sana when i go there this oct there i can make ladlad with you guys


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