Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy blog anniversary!

I've been trying to find an excuse to post something about Ryan Gosling... his abs in particular. And then I remembered that my blog has turned six last week. Of course Ryan and his six-pack and my blog's sixth anniversary go together perfectly!


Aris said...

happy 6th anniversary. wow, ang tagal na! :)

Lyka Bergen said...

congrats. go lang ng go!

Kate said...

happy 6th birthday from Kate of Cebu! I saw Julius' photo in your blog entry. Miss you all. You're an inspiration and I started writing again cuz of you. PS I do love Ryan G's abs

Dawn Selya said...

Happy anniversary! keep it going ... me, I'm so tamad minsan to write anything in moi blog .. L-U-V your blog always!


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