Wednesday, June 20, 2012


OMG, it's almost the end of June and I haven't posted yet a single entry this month. Well, let me do this post out of obligation to my two readers.

Here are two major updates this month...

First, I turned 25 a couple of weeks ago. I know, it's my seventh time to turn 25, but who is counting, aber? As far as I'm concerned I'm a 25-year old boy trapped in a paunchy, wrinkly body.

But no, I'm not celebrating my birthday. I haven't celebrated my birthday since I turned 21. I just cannot be bothered, really.

What I'm celebrating, however, is the news that I'm moving soon. Moving on with my life, moving from Bangkok, moving to a better future. Charaught! 

In three months I'd be somewhere else, living a poor student's life, but hopefully intellectually richer.

There's still a gazillion things to do, including how to get rid of the shit I've accumulated during the last past five years in Bangkok. And then there's the visa. And then there's raising enough funds just to survive as a student.

Other than that, I'm basically on my way to (hopefully) greener pastures. Who knows...

With this great opportunity, I just keep telling my self that I shouldn't fuck this up. 


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