Monday, July 30, 2012

Five Years in Thailand

Today marks my fifth year in Thailand. When I arrived here I knew for sure I'd be staying for a year as my first work contract stated. And then when my first contract expired I was given two years and then another three years. (My current contract expires in 2013.)

It's surprising how the years piled up, and true to the cliche, I hardly noticed time passing by. Probably it shows how much I like my life here. Well, I can't complain about most of my experiences and I owe it to Thailand that the past five years had been nothing short of great.

Everyday I still find many fascinating things about Bangkok... its small streets, its ever changing landscapes, and the kindness of the people... basically the same things that have enamored me since I arrived in Bangkok.


Justin Meyers said...

I've been reading through your posts, what a great record! I just started my blog as well, but have only been in BKK a couple months. Still, lots of interesting things have happened to me and I want to share...come on over to read my story sometime.

Was Once said...

Nostalgia is the first sign of aging. :P


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