Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Double or single?

The days of aimlessness are finally over. A little more than a week ago I finally found a part-time job as a bartender at an event venue in the posh side of the city. The job was a long time coming as I was practically not doing anything a month a half after I submitted my dissertation. Just when I thought it was a bad decision to stay longer in London, I found this job.

Gurrrl, it's not easy. The hours are long; often times I work for twelve hours with only a twenty-minute break on the sixth hour (although I work only about three days a week). And not that I'm just serving drinks but I also lug around ice bags, crates of drinks and glasses, and even physically dismantle the bar (because the set-up changes every event).

I was in a complete daze on my first night because everything had to be fast. Besides, I didn't even know how to mix the most basic of mixers. Also, I had to learn how to use a cash register, which until now I still dread touching. I learned on the job by pestering my workmates with endless questions. One of my weaknesses is remembering what people order. I didn't know I have such horrible short-term memory. A lot of times I threw away a mix or glass of wine because I got them wrong. I am a constant embarrassment and I wouldn't be surprised if I get fired any day soon.

I hope that does not happen because I badly need the money. I'm earning just a few cents above the minimum wage, but what's encouraging me is that when I convert what I earn to baht it's not bad at all. I intend to save all the money I earn now for my jobless days in Bangkok, which could last for months if I'm not lucky.

My mom is still trying to convince me to find a more stable job in London and hopefully stay here longer. But I just don't have the inclination to live here mainly because it's such a bloody expensive city on top of the fact that finding a job here is difficult these days. Besides, I like the laid back life in Bangkok and that one doesn't need to be a gazillionaire to get by there.

So now I'm counting my last two months in London, full of hard work while braving yet another gloomy and freezing winter. I just can't wait to lie on the sands of Koh Samet in January!

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jt said...

Krabi was really nice. I was there last weekend when Yolanda threw a hissy fit over las islas.


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