Friday, September 14, 2007

Swinging in the Sunset

Huge celebrations took place at the Giant Swing this week for the installation of the new structure that replaced that old, decaying one. The King and Queen of Thailand no less were present in the inauguration ceremonies (last Wednesday I think). So after work, I rushed to see the new Giant Swing just as the sun was setting. (I had previously made an evening visit at the swing.) A number of people were at its foot, offering flowers, lighting incense, and praying.

I crossed to the nearby Wat Suthat, joining several worshipers in the large complex. Dozens and dozens of gold Buddhas were in its periphery. Small Chinese-style pagodas line the inner walls of the temple. The latter has a towering gold Buddha, with devotees chanting at its foot. I'm never a fan of stepping inside a temple when people are praying, I always feel like I'm intruding otherwise. I went around the grounds of the massive temple instead, the marble floors reflecting the pink sunset.

I had som tam for dinner in a restaurant near my building. Som tam is one of my favorite Thai food. It is an interesting salad of papaya shreds, cashew nuts, small dried fish and prawns, peanuts, and string beans. I specifically asked the waitress to make it mai phet (not spicy), but guess what, I still found a small piece of chili in the dish. When I notified the waitress about this she said it's only one piece of chili. And of course punctuated with that disarming Thai smile. What else can I do?

Tomorrow I'm crossing the Chao Phraya River to check ukay-ukay. And NO gay bars for me this weekend. I believe I'm too much of a whore who's acting drama queen at the same time. That's the worst kind, no? So I better stay out of trouble for the meantime.


rashidsmom said...

YES you are a whore.. and YES you are a drama queen. But who isn't lately?

kawadjan said...

oh my! so true. you taught me well dear. miss you so na tuloy.


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