Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Pre-Christmas Dinner

Chicken and Salmon Combo at Pepper Lunch

L and I had our pre-Christmas dinner last night at Central World, perhaps my favorite mall in Bangkok. We were supposed to go Vietnamese but the restaurant was quite a walk from the mall. So instead we settled with Pepper Lunch, which I read about in Cecil Zamora's blog (Cecil actually got the Manila franchise of the said chain). Since I hardly eat beef, I had the scrumptious chicken and salmon combo. As usual, I don't have any opinion about the food at all.

L and I had a long chat about a variety of topics, mostly the politics back home. I always look forward to these moments with L coz it's a chance for us to update ourselves of the news back home and exchange opinions about the circus that is Pinoy politics.

As a Christmas gift, L gave me a CD of the soundtrack of French Kiss (wink, wink, wink!).

After dinner and tea, L and I went outside Central World to gawk at the humongous Christmas tree. Who said, Christmas is not celebrated in Bangkok? In fact, with the King's birthday also celebrated in December, the lights set up for the occasion can also serve as Christmas decors (it depends who's looking at them). But in general, the malls have caught up with the Christmas spirit: Santa Claus, reindeers, and all.

Lights at Rachadamnoen Avenue for the King's birthday celebrations

Christmas at Central World

So there, I did not escape Christmas this year, although it's less garish here in Bangkok. Christmas has never been my favorite holidays, on the other hand, I have to admit that I do miss how Pinoys celebrate this season: the over-the-top decorations, the commercialism, and the endless parties especially.

By the way, L is going home to Bulacan tomorrow. D left for Manila a couple of nights back and PJ is flying to Seoul this weekend. Oh my, this might be another Christmas spent alone, just like last year when I decided to head for the cold mountains. Until now I have no concrete plans for the holidays yet and with hardly a week left I'm desperately looking for someone to spend Christmas eve with.

Anybody reading this and who's in Bangkok on Christmas eve... please, I don't mind being invited.


JP said...

Rard gana lagi imong mga pics. Tudloi kuno ko palihug nan mga tips unhon pagkuha nan gana.

Finally have my Sony W90. Aiming pa an mejo namaster nako. Pero sa angle and lighting sablay.

kawadjan said...

hi jun! thanks for dropping by.

congratulations on your new cam. actually i have no tips coz i hardly know anything about cams. i often opt not to use the flash though coz the pictures always come out flat. just practice, practice, practice. maximize your cam's capabilities.

happy new year tuod.

JP said...

okey, thank you. testingan ko pag minus flash sa cebu kay kahas sab baterya. timing kay way ako charger, tagkawat sa bulsa nan bag didto manila.

happy new year sab. pati imo mga new fotos ba gana gihapon. tsk tsk...


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