Thursday, December 20, 2007


Oh. My. Gawd! OMFG!

Well, well, well... look who was featured on Pinoy Gay Blogs?

"What strikes me most about the blog is definitely the quality of his writing paired with the very tasteful images that accompany most of the articles."

"Girard definitely feels like someone I’d love to meet in person, at least based on his writing and you may feel similarly as well after you’ve read a decent number of his entries."

Read the full review here.

Kumusta naman di ba? I did not expect this, I swear! I'm flattered but humbled at the same time.

Thanks Rocky, who wrote the review and also posted the same on his blog.


Quentin X said...

Thank God this was featured. What a find! Kalaong nako ako ray bayot sa amo barangay (I thought I was the only gay in my village). Looking forward to more entertaining read.

kawadjan said...

thanks quentin. best of luck to you too.

Reklamador said...

im not surprised.
i dont usually read lengthy writings but your style is magnetic that i ended up reading your stories all the way to the end.
im also mastering to learn your style to eventually adopt it. nyahaha. bitaw tinuod. kay bagan ya na, karabaw english na ko ini.

kawadjan said...

hey reklamador... thanks for the visit. also, thanks for the nice words. are you from surigao?

JP said...

hehe nakatawa ko sa imo. oist rard. The Islander tawon ni. practice english ra to kon makasurvive. hehe. pero bagan may error gihapon.


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