Friday, December 21, 2007

I Think We Know Each Other

For such a humongous city like Bangkok, replete with hundreds of gay clubs, I am quite disturbed that I'm starting to collide paths with my past "dates" (I can't help putting the quotation marks). And I've only been here for less than five months ha. I don't want to believe that I've been such a serial dater, if I may use the term. In fact, by the standards of gay men in Bangkok (mainly my perception), my dating life has been pretty drab. I can still certainly count with my fingers the guys I've went out with. But still I'm baffled how in the world I start bumping into them.

Until now I don't know how to react when I meet one. Probably I can say something like...

-- Hi H, remember me? We went out once, some months ago. You said you'd call and obviously you didn't.

That just sounds so bitter, don't you think?

How about...

-- Oh hi! So who's that bastard wrapped in your arms tonight? Does he know what a lousy kisser you are? I hope you have fun together though.

Bitter pa rin!

Or better yet, I can just French kiss the nearest guy beside me to show the ex-"date" that I'm still having the time of my life.

The sad fact is, a nice friendship did not just come out from among these ex-"dates". I'm still grappling with the fact that one should not expect from some bastard you met in a bar, who, like my self, is just there to have fun.


So in anticipation of another weekend imposed with an alcohol ban (starting tonight), PJ and I went to Lang Suan to have our dose of alcohol for the week. Last night was already our second night out, having went out last Tuesday as well. On both occasions, the bars were packed, which we thanked on the alcohol ban. So yesterday PJ and I dropped by for the first time in this all-Thai bar, and we were totally floored by the sea of knock-out gay men crammed in such a small space! By now, me enthusing on Thai men is such a cliche, but I couldn't fucking help it, right?

My problem however with these all-Thai gay clubs is the horrendous music. Since I started going to these places five months ago, they still play the same bloody Thai club music that everybody seems to excitedly dance to. The worst thing is they have such an outdated line-up of Western music, such as a remix of... Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You. Punyetashet talaga!

At 1 a.m., PJ and I moved to a popular gay club in Silom, where the music is a bit better at least and where the drinks are way cheaper. There I saw H, an American that I went out with on my first month here. He was dragging towards the exit what looked like a 12 year old boy. Our eyes met for a second there, but I don't think he still recognized me coz I had since cut my hair. I would've wanted to chat with him but I simply didn't know what to say.

And the night continued.

I believe I've managed to figure out the zones of the club. In general, you find most of the Westerners on the second floor, hounded by an overflowing array of money-boys. PJ and I call it the meat market. It's a fun place to be when one is out to watch a spectacle of ensnarement. Meanwhile, the first floor, where we mostly stay, is stuffed with locals and a few Westerners lurking on the periphery. There's hardly any space on the first floor, and one is mostly gobbled by the unrestrained churning of gorgeous, intoxicated gay men.

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