Friday, June 27, 2008


It's that time of the year again when we celebrate Gay Pride Week. Scouring the blog-world these past days, I noticed how most major cities all over the world are celebrating this occasion in the most colorful and flamboyant way. I remember last year, Jaf (who has his own fantabulous blog as well) and I went to Malate for Pride Week. That obviously was gay, gay, gay.

I wish BangCock celebrates Gay Pride as well. Paradoxically, one of the world's most vibrant gay scenes does not bother to take note of the occasion, which I find extremely baffling indeed. Perhaps Thailand's gay community is way too well-integrated into and accepted by mainstream society that Gay Pride Week, with it's idea of advancing gay rights and acceptance, becomes unnecessary. I'm not sure about that.

Anyhoot, in celebration of the Pink Week, I'm going clubbing this weekend. Also, an uber blogger from Penang is coming to town and what else is there to do but prance with my sisters in Silom?

And in celebration of Gay Pride week, I'd post the most cliche of songs on this time of the year. I don't even bother to put in the lyrics, you know it by heart, dear, don't ya?

I Will Survive

version of Ru Paul and Diana Ross
(original by Gloria GAYnor)


gaythaiman said...

Bangkok has been celebrating Gay Pride for 9 years, usually in November when its dry and cool. This is the first year there has been no Pride here.

Kiks said...

with a Pride or not, we will always be gay.

hi kawadjan. say hi to gibo for me.

jericho said...

enjoy the weekend with the uber blogger from Penang. bakla sya kamo. charot! hehe

leviuqse said...

happy weekend, and thanks for the link i'll add you up to mine as well

kawadjan said...

gaythaiman: awwww... too bad.

kiks: sabi nya hi din daw. (naku, parang di naman kayo chatmates, noh.)

jericho: nag tumbling ako kay gibo. mas maganda cya sa akin, kainech.

leviuqse: ang hirap i-type ang name mo, love. :-X


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