Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Say Hello to My Baby

There are only two things that I cannot leave home without... my lip balm and sunglasses. The latter is very, very essential for me as I feel naked without them. In fact, I'd rather go naked than not wear sunglasses. I've written about my passion for sunglasses here. Since then, I've cut down to three pairs (I used to have a dozen in rotation).

My latest ferosh found is a pair of "Wayfarers" (obviously fake) that I picked up in Khao San Road for 15o baht last week. (Sarah, remember how we used to ridicule Tito for still wearing them in 2002, for god's sake? And who'd have thought that Tito was in fact ahead of fashion trends. Gotta love him, no?) I've been looking for Wayfarers for the longest time, or at least since it came back in vogue. But somehow nothing seemed right among the gazilions I see on BangCock's pavements. Of course until last week. God, I feel like a million dollars when I wear them.

Please tell me my new baby is fieeeeerce!

Oh, lookie, lookie who landed on the site of Pinoy gay blogger supahstah, Lyka Bergen? Love you to bits, Miss Bergen.

Uhhhhmmmm... that's all.


Lyka Bergen said...

Ang ganda! Ang ganda ng bintana sa likod mo. Chos!

fuchsiaboy said...

gusto kong kumanta:

madilim ang iyong paligid
hating gabing walang hanggan
anu ang kulay ng mundo?
sa iyoý pinagkaitan
wag kang mabahala o kaibigan
isinilang ka ng ganyan
isang bulag sa kamunduhan
ligtas ka sa kasalanan.

ay parang hindi bagay.

jericho said...

wa ako ma-sey sa glasses. kung magkaka-salamin ang powerpuff girls ... feeling ko ganyan

kawadjan said...

lyka: ganown? ang bintanang walang kamalay-malay...

donita: "isang bulag sa kamunduhan / ligtas ka sa kasalanan." dito di bumagay eh. masyado akong makamundo.

jericho: powerpuff girls? sino sila? choz!

Japhet said...

show your boobs next time! haha!

kawadjan said...

jaf: ebay has yet to ship my boobs, love. but dahling, say hi to my clavicles. when was the last time you ACTUALLY saw your clavicles? hmmmm...


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