Monday, June 30, 2008

Ngarag Weekend

OH. EM. GEEE... the weekend sped by so fast, I honestly don't have any idea how to make sense of it. So here's an incoherent recap of the whirlwind weekend that was.

Friday evening, I caught up with a friend who I worked with about three years ago in Davao. Let's call her Ema (for emaciated... MEAN!). I swear I died the moment I saw how thin Ema's arms are. I would sell everything I have just to get a pair of those. Anyway, I showed her and her sister around the canal in Pratunam and shortly dropped by in the Erawan Shrine. We walked towards Siam Paragon, boarded the BTS to Patpong, and then hopped on a cab to Khao San Road.

While the sisters were shopping for those shirts popular among backpackers, a gawgeous boy from Myanmar, who was manning the shirt shop, started talking to me. And why did nobody tell me that the Burmese are hot? I hate you people! And I had a strong feeling that we were sorta flirting with each other. In fact, I remember him asking my hand for marriage, but I was just too shy to say yes (he has to meet my parents first, right?). I have to remind my self to go back there early this week just to verify if his proposal still stands.

Saturday, I picked up Ema, her sister, her mom, and a couple of her mom's friends (who all came from Davao) from the Grand Palace and I dragged them to the Reclining Buddha. It was already my second time at Wat Pho so that was not exciting for me anymore. From there we crossed over to the nearby river jetty, had lunch, and boarded the boat towards Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). Goodness, it was my fourth time to climb Wat Arun! I last visited Wat Arun in January (see post here), and it was with someone very special; I couldn't help being downcast last Saturday, reminiscing how beautiful my previous visit was. Oh well, those were the days. Sigh.

The view from the top of Wat Arun

From Wat Arun, the Davao gang left for JJ and I rushed to Sukhumvit to pick up the Czarina of Penang for lunch at Emporium. It was exciting to finally meet one of the bloggers who I truly, truly revere and whose blog has been a source of enlightenment and inspiration (choz!). Lunch was uncensored talakfest. Afterwards, we had coffee at Siam Square, watched people, and shopped. (Somebody please remind me not to go Siam Square anymore coz it's bleeding my wallet dry.) Dehydrated, we had some beer at the balcony of one of the restaurants in the area, where Heidi (who is previously known as Kiwi... Heidi just seems more appropriate and... gay) joined us. More talakfest like I've never had in a long, long time, mostly about the cruel world of dating. Charot!

Après beer, I went home to quickly change into my Oscar dela Renta gown. I met PJ, who was in John Galiano, (and PJ needs to be renamed soon; I need suggestions please) and the Czarina of Penang, who was in YSL Rive Gauche, at Silom and headed to Soi 2. The place is packed as usual, saw some Pinoy bakla friends, and the old, familiar faces that I see all the time on the gay personals. Gotta love BangCock's gay scene, it's one small happy sisterhood.

Last Sunday, I didn't have enough time to recover from my hangover as I had to quickly buy some cake for the birthday lunch of the boyfriend of Nida Blanca. Nida Blanca regularly invites PJ and me (and some other Pinoy baklas) to his place for Friday or Saturday dinner. Yesterday's lunch was obviously more special coz his BF from the Philippines was visiting over to celebrate his birthday (such a lovely couple!). A bunch of other
baklang Pinoy and straight guests were present as well. That had to be one of the best lunch parties I've attended in ages!

The conversation of the baklas drifted to gay relationships. In particular, Jatujak, the guy whose ex-BF works at the yoga studio I go to (as mentioned in this post), eventually opened up about his breakup four months ago and how he is still recovering from it. He seems to be having a hard time so far, although he did not want to put it that way, but I certainly saw it in his eyes... you know the recurrent "malayo ang tingin with matching heavy buntong hininga" kind. Currently struggling through the healing process from a collapsed "relationship" my self,
my heart goes to Jatujak and I'm sure he's going through a far more difficult time than me.

From Nida Blanca's place, PJ and I BTSed to Emporium to meet the Czarina of Penang and Heidi for dinner. We eventually ended up in Thonglor at To Die For (yes, that's To. Die. For.) for some wine. The place is fab, fab, fab! See the reviews here and here. It certainly is a relaxing place to hang out in for some chika session with girl friends, but honey, I can't go there every week coz it's Mahalia Jackson.

The night ended just when it was about to strike midnight coz as always, decent girls go home right before the clock strikes twelve.


jericho said...

the czarina of penang is a decent girl? ows? stir!.. haha.. ang enjoy naman ng weekend nyo. ingget!

Kiks said...

if i didnt know who the czarina of penang was, i would not have known what you're talking about. chos!

such a weekend of extreme, ultimate bliss.

gibo said...

naman, di ko kinaya ang aking bagong title-- czarina. parang kapatid ko na ang mga tambunting at lhuillier at ang surname namin ay pawnshop! kalokah.

o zya, the czarina had a wonderful time with the uber chic blogger of bangkok. daghang salamat.

PJ should be called bubbles (for his bubbly personality).

see ya soon!

kawadjan said...

jericho: oo naman, decent si czarina of penang. palaging naka cardigan para matakpan ang kanyang cleavage (naka-mini naman na hanggang pekpek). hmmmm.

kiks: korak, mega tumbling ako sa weekend. feeling ko nag world tour ako. choz lang po.

gibo: este, czarina of penang (ang haba ng name). can't wait to see you in penang and BKK soon (as in mega soon!). pj is bubbles it is then. cheers!


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