Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tangkilikin ang Sariling Atin

I miss Pinoy guys. I blurted this out while on a YM conference with several overseas-based baklang Pinays yesterday afternoon (you know who you are, bitches). It seems the other bayots agreed that after living abroad for some time we all yearn (as in yearn!) for the familiar Pinoy touch.

Fine, let’s start with the obvious: sex. The way I see it, Pinoys have always considered sex as a performance art: it is something that you have to excel in. Basta, it’s always some big production number for us, a la GMA Supershow with Bell Star Dancers and all.

Whereas, in my on-going research on the mating rites of local boys in the Land of Smiles, sex has always been lacklustre with them. That’s a sweeping generalization of course given that my sample size is not as large as I want to. Choz.

But in the interviews and focused-group discussions I conducted with select representatives of the Bangkok gay scene (I swear formal research ito!), the consensus is that local boys lack amor in both sex and relationships (and I will not elaborate or else I’d be deported from this country).

The Pinoys’ edge I guess is carino. You have to agree with me that Pinoy men are more malambing, passionate, and romantic. I don’t know, mas mahaba ang hair mo if you’re with a Pinoy. I’ve talked with a couple of Europeans who previously had Pinoy BFs and they seem to agree with this. Add to that, Pinoy men are more committed, although loyalty is another discussion altogether (the bayot rolls eyes here).

Now that we’re at it, let’s talk about the downside of Pinoy men. I have one word: drama. Growing up bombarded by soap operas and cheesy ballads, Las Islas Filipinas is spewing hordes of drama queens (including me, unfortunately). Isn’t there some Nora Aunor, Vilma Santos, and Sharon Cuneta in all of us? Moreover, as Catholics we grew up devoted to the Virgin Mary, the Reyna Dolorosa herself.

The biggest question for me though is: when are Pinoy homosexual men going to get over their guilt of being gay? Talk about self-denial! Just consider the prevalent, not to mention cringe-worthy, misunderstanding of the term bi-sexual back home (a lot of things have been written about it, so I will not expound). Basically, it’s like saying: I’m not gay but I just happen to like sucking dick. Ugh, c’mon people!

In the Land of Smiles all that pretence is not even in the mainstream. Gay men here are pretty much guilt-free and issue-free in expressing who they are. I always admire how Thai gay men are so confident of their sexuality and can even flaunt it with flair.

Still, the bottomline is, I miss Pinoy men. But in the City of Angels I have a feeling that dating a Pinoy is tantamount to incest.


Lyka Bergen said...

Iba pa rin ang Pinoy. Let's go dance the Tinikling sa kama! Goooo!

fuchsiaboy said...

"But in the City of Angels I have a feeling that dating a Pinoy is tantamount to incest."

- madrama ka nga neng!

Defy conventions kaya. Mag date ka ng Pinoy!

Pero din kasi why date a Pinoy when you can have the other members of the United Nations di ba?

Kunyari ka pa!

bananas said...

bilib ako sa pinoy.
im sooo pop cola.

Gibo said...

i think it is also because we share the same history, watched the same movies, listened to the same songs, etc.

in short, maraming common denominator that translates to being comfortable with each other.

dating pinoys in bangkok? hmm are you dating bubbles na? tinuod?

Kiks said...

You forgot to mention German Moreno. Isn't he a drama king himself? So full of drama his tyan bloated (that, even maruja noticed!)

As for the men, true. Pinoys are simply delectable. I just don't like the prima donna mode in most of them.

Or am I just being prima donna?!

kiel said...

miss ko na rin ang pinoy... chos!

The Zen Bitch said...

hmn, ako di ko miss ang pinoy men.

as fuchsiaboy said, why date a pinoy when you virtually have a buffet before your eyes?

la lang

Anonymous said...

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I am coming to Bangkok soon. I hope I like.

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Quentin X said...

I'm glad to know that I am not the only drama queen. Now, I can blame my being Pinoy when I chuck a tanty.

Bryan Anthony the First said...

very few lang (pinoys) licks ass

kawadjan said...

lyka: tinikling talaga ha. di ba pwedeng maglalatik din?

don: uy di naman united nations. baka G-8 lang.

bananas: pop talaga ha... iba ang sarap!

gibo: si bubbles! haler? pareho na kami ng apelyido no... incest talaga yan kung ganon man.

kiks: korak! prima dona talaga ang mga pinoy men sometimes. di ko gets yan why.

kiel: hmmm... malaman ang sinabi mo... especially the chos at the end. anong meron?

zen bitch: yoko muna ng buffet. gusto ko munang magkamay habang kumakain.

anonymous: you'd surely love bkk.

quentin: drama queens unite!

bryan: tinuod? but we kick ass!


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