Thursday, April 09, 2009

Mi Hermana Visits Bangkok

As I noted in a few posts below, my ate dropped by BangCock for a visit. She and I have not seen each other since I left Las Islas Filipinas nearly two years ago.

Along with her are four amigas from Davao, where I also lived for four years after university. Her friends are my friends too so it was a reunion of sorts.

What is there to do for me but to be their tourist guide for the umpteenth time (calling Tourism Authority of Thailand!!!).

We had to cover the basics like the Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha, and since it was a weekend they definitely had to drop by Chatuchak. And oh, they watched the pingpong show (ugh), which I refused to see with them.

My sister spent around three nights in BangCock but I only had one whole day with her coz I had to leave for Phuket last Sunday (which I shall write about in the next post). She and I hardly had enough time to talk about the more interesting bits of our lives (but really we YM way too often that we don't need so much time to exchange chismis).

From Bangkok, the gang visited Koh Samet for a day and then proceeded to Siem Reap, which shall be followed by a stopover in Phnom Penh and then Ho Chi Min City.

See you soon in BangCock, bitches.


BB said...

awwww. cute!

your sister seems very smiley:)

The Zen Bitch said...

pabulosa si ateh!

Lyka Bergen said...

Winner! Winner pa rin ang Lips. Emotera ka sa pic! Tse!

kawadjan said...

bb: yeah, she can do smile quite well while i pout.

zenaida: naku, i'm threatened. choz!

lyka: dahling, i've taught all i know about emote. there's no reason why you cannot do it. now, werq!


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