Thursday, September 17, 2009

Lady Gaga in Talk Asia

All excerpts below are from an accompanying article on, which says that apparently Lady Gaga had to be "pacified" from practically walking away from the interview.

The full article is found here.

Part Uno

"I'm sort of a musical pop music misfit," she said in her slow New York drawl, and "a relentless bitch" in response to how she had got to the top of the music industry.

Part Dos

She claims Lady Gaga is not a persona and it seems she is committed to living as closely to the wild fantasy shown in her videos. More at home on the stage than in the interview chair --"We could sit here and talk, but you will never know who I am unless you see me live" -- even Gaga's faithful make-up artist (in attendance throughout the interview) thought she was crazy because she sleeps in her wigs.

Was it to keep the persona up, stay in character? No, "I just like wigs," she said with an unintentional comic deadpan.

Part Tres

Composure regained, "You can ask me about scrutiny, but I'd prefer if you didn't..." Gaga said.


tagskie said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Lyka Bergen said...

Sa real name pa lang, bongga na sya.... Stefani Germanotta! Bongga! But she wants to be called Gaga... so be it!

GagaH sya!

Lady Herma na lang sana.... (totoo kayang hermaphrodite sya? Di nya sinagot! Ala Ricky Martin when asked kung bakla sya!) Haaay! Ma-gagah akow!

fuchsiaboy said...

i liken her to last season's balmain.

can we move on to jeremy laing, altuzarra or rodarte? ;)

kawadjan said...

Tagskie: Hi din po.

Lyka: Korak! Mystery sells rin naman anyway.

Donita: Hahahaha. Well dahling, the gays are still crazy over her. What to do, aber?


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