Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Must-Watch: 100

I just finished watching 100, a Filipino indie film written and directed by Chris Martinez (released in 2008). I heard so much buzz about it, partly because of its triumph at the 2008 Cinemalaya Film Festival, and had been looking forward to watch it since forever.

Fortunately someone lent me his copy (thanks, your highness... I swear babalik sya ng Las Islas).

Take a peek at its rather crappy trailer...

*** Spoilers ahead... many of them. ***

100 is the story of Joyce (portrayed to perfection by Mylene Dizon), who learns she has cancer but refuses to get treatment. Instead, she devotes the last three months of her life (hence, one hundred days) to prepare for her death, starting with listing in yellow post-its the things she needs to accomplish before she dies.

She selects her coffin and funeral dress, and even manages to prepare a sound-track and powerpoint presentation for her wake.

She also indulges in random pleasures like eating ice cream, skinny-dipping, and kissing a stranger. She even goes on a Vilma Santos movie marathon with her best-friend Ruby (given to life by the genius that is Eugene Domingo).

The heaviest of her tasks, however, is telling her loved ones about her impending death.

One of the most poignant scenes of the movie is when she finally tells her mom about her illness. Her mom, played by the divine Tessie Tomas, is obviously disappointed of the late notice and remarks: "Huwag mong alisin ang karapatan kong mag-alala, mag-alaga, mag-wala."

Her mom thus takes over and adds more post-its to her list of things-to-do such as a pilgrimage to the Virgin of Manaoag, trying Chinese herbal medicine, and flushing down the toilet Joyce's pack of cigarettes and stock of coffee.

*** Spoilers end here. ***

Did I mention that the acting is superior?

The film could have easily fallen into the cliches of movies of its kind, but it chooses instead to stay light-hearted and playful, at times just hysterical.

Oh, the acting is just incredible. Did I say that already?... The acting is breathtaking, just in case you missed the point.

Now this is one of the few Filipino films that is devoid of histrionics and melodrama, thanks to the savvy writing by Martinez who instead chooses to keep the film tender and truly enjoyable. I swear I laughed more than a dozen times for what seems like a morbid film.

Speaking of Filipino films, Kinatay, Manila, Imburnal, and Indepencia are screening in the 2009 Bangkok International Film Festival, which will run from the 24th to the 30th of September.

Now I could not help feeling stoked!!!

These are truly remarkable Filipino films, perhaps some of the most outstanding outputs of Filipino filmmakers this year. Kinatay won Best Director in Cannes this year and Manila was screened at the same festival. Filipino cinema appears to have a bright future, no?

So mga bading, supportahan natin ang sineng Pilipino. Keri? Keri!


fuchsiaboy said...

have you watched 'namets'? you will love it. go , look for it.

<*period*>; said...

i really love this film

especially yung part na nagluluto siya ng kare kare.

sana ilaban pa siya sa ibang film fest

at opo, i love the way how the morbid idea of death was presented in a funny manner

Jase said...

where can u get a copy ba?

Benz said...

and don't forget Kimmy Dora. Ang kambal sa keme! ;) Super blockbuster na sya dito sa flips hehehe

Jezebel Patel said...

I heard about this!

yun lang.

kawadjan said...

Donita: Namets? That Ilonggo film? Wala sa BKK eh.

Period: True. That was a nice confrontation. Di melodramatic pero it still said a lot.

Jase: Nasa Powerbooks daw sa Manila.

Jez: I've heard about you too. Choz!

kawadjan said...

Benz: Sorry, pareh, nakaligtaan ng assistant ko ang comment mo. Truelagen, I heard nga na kalowka ang Kimmy D. Sana nasa torrent na noh?


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