Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Girls from Asia

Well, here we are again! One of the most-anticipated moments of the year when girls from all over the world scramble over a stupid crown Donal Trump puts up for grabs. The new Miss Universe will be crowned in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks or so. And that means bayots all over the world will be closely scrutinizing each contestant, as already started by Lyka Bergen?

As part of the big crowd of beauty pageant "observers", I have a few things to say about the evening gown photos of the contestants.

Last year I checked the women from Asia and I'm doing the same this time. I'm just wondering though, where's Miss Vietnam?

Anyway, let's start.

Miss China. You. Must. Be. Kidding. Me. I did not even know China celebrates Halloween and now she comes as what, Tinkerbell? Such a beautiful girl (look at those skinny arms!), but what is she doing in this gown that not one courageous drag queen would ever want to wear?

Miss India. This is a beautifully draped gown and the color is very sophisticated. I also love the glittery shoulder pad. But his Cheri Gil wanabee could not even work the gown properly. And that headband? Is it keeping that atrocious hair in place? Hmmm... this is how you DON'T win a beauty pageant, my love.

Miss Indonesia. Now this is how you work a gown... if and only if you want to tell people that you don't have a proper ironing board in whatever seedy Las Vegas hotel Donald Trump put you in. Besides, the color is too bubblegum to be taken seriously, and those frayed seams cheapen the gown even more.

Miss Japan. This is how you work a gown. Now, seriously. Her pose, along with the hair, complements the shape of the gown to perfection and I love that fierce look on her. However, I find the material of this gown too heavy. Also, what's with insects this year, aber? Do we have an entomology theme?

Miss Korea. Love this! Love the gown, love the pose, love the hair, love the body (hellow clavicles!), love the accessories, but I don't love the face. I think she's quite pretty but the way she angles her face here is just plain boring and she is virtually without a neck.

Miss Malaysia. She has a really beautiful face, and those eyes are very arresting. But again, she looks stumpy here because like Miss Korea she forgot to use her neck. The gown, on the other hand, is making me sleep. The color is not going to catch any of the judge's attention and the curtain fabric used drags it even further.

Miss Philippines. I love the dynamism of the pose, she looks like she's dancing. Also, this is how you use your neck to full advantage. But while the gown moves well, the color and material are, as Lyka said, very Divisoria. Someone please put this stunning girl in a decent gown! And I'm not talking to you, Pitoy Moreno!

Miss Singapore. Does anyone have some Paracetamol? I see a major migraine on its way, ladies. Or is she just bored by her boring face? I'm sure she's not alone. And that gown, why does it have to be such a heavy material? It makes it her look obese! Next!

Miss Thailand. Let's start with the obvious... this gown is completely over-worked, especially for a beauty pageant. It's distracting us from her face and gives her too much bulk. Someone give this girl some scissors to trim the gown with. And while you're at it, please also give her a lesson on putting make-up.

So that rounds up our girls from Asia this year. I obviously could not tell yet who among them is strong, but I'm so uninspired by this year's contestants from this part of this world.

It's early to tell though coz we've only seen the gowns. I checked the photos of the other girls and their gowns look equally cheap, if not cheaper, than the Asians. I could not wait to see the swimsuit photos to give us more basis on betting for our favorite girls. 

So let's keep our eyes open for Miss Universe action and may the best girl win. 


Boonsong said...

I can see that you feel strongly about this.
Interesting post. Thanks.

All the best, Boonsong

anteros' dominion said...

sana mas maganda ang ipinasuot kay venus raj. she is really stunning pa mandin

toxic disco boy said...

best gown is from india. best pose si miss japan. keri lang si venus. di ko bet ang pose. off you yung feet and nakikita ang rusty lopez! echos.

pero out of all of them, most stunning si venus ha. infer!

Jase said...

me thinks that if only the competition is for the BEST IN Evening gown and NOT a competition of the BEST GOWN itself, (lets say all of them wearing the same gown) ... then, Venus surely is the winner, based on these photos..

Kiks said...

well... high time i read something like THIS.

venus raj was stunning of all posers. (sandali nahilo ako sa kapapanood sa kanya. magpapahinga muna ako...)

mrs.j said...

Winner your comments spot on!

Just a trivia as well ms.guam's gown is made by francis libiran siya pala official designer ng missU guam.

Got some miss u updates as well in my blog that migjt intrest you! ;)

mel beckham said...

Naawa naman ako kay Indonesia, sana pina-housekeeping niya muna ang damit niya.

Kung nanggagalaiti tayo sa inis sa gown ni Venus, how much more ang inis ng mga baklang Indonesians sa gown ng kandidata nila! Bwahahahaha

Nong Bee said...

love this post. Pitoy Moreno should stop making gowns for Binibining Pilipinas. Miss Philippines is stunning, I hope she does well in the pageant. Ms. Thailand, is like your typical Thai that you see in Siam Square, nothing spectacular.

Lyka Bergen said...

Bat wala si Miss Sri Lanka! Favorite ko pa naman sya. Chos!

Leon Koh said...

I love miss japan!

Leon Koh


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