Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pinay Bloggers in Siam

When I moved to Thailand one of the first things I did was search the web for Pinoy bloggers in Bangkok.. well the bayot kind, to be specific. Unfortunately, I did not find one at that time. Fast forward three years later, I have come across a number of Siam-based bloggers, which certainly is a welcome treat. It's always nice to find out how my kababayans (countrymen) see Bangkok through their own eyes and indeed I found a variety of perspectives among them.

The first blogger I stumbled on is Man of the Rose, and my, my, my what a find it truly is! Man of the Rose features the delectable side of Thailand, its men in particular. Cee, the author, posts photos of Thai men (and other Asian celebrities and models, but mostly Thai) in various states of undress, including see-through moments that leave very little to the imagination... or au naturel some times.

I believe Binibining Cee gets his photos from Thai fashion magazines as well as gay-oriented magazines and websites. Thank God for Cee's resourcefulness, any visitor to his website would have more than enough material for wet dreams to last a lifetime. Warning, this site is mostly NSFW.

The other blog authored by Cee is Carlo de la Rosa's I'm Not Most People.  Here he posts a hodgepodge of stuff, from Thai and Filipino celebrity gossip, to movies, theater, and features stories of some of his trips.

I've in fact seen Carlo a few weeks back at Charice's mall appearance in BKK. He was covering the visit and had the chance to interview the Pinay star... but I was too shy to say hi.

The next Pinay bayot blogger is La Primera Chismosa in the City of Fallen Angels, Gossip Girl TS. The blurb in his profile says: "I am Gossip Girl based in Times Square. Your reliable source of everything juicy and scandalous about the lives of Upper TS office goers. I rely on your tips so message me and let's give everyone something to talk about. Everyone gets SPOTTED. And you're next. You know you love me. XOXO"

Gossip Girl TS is a hilarious account of the misadventures of his other bayot friends, and that includes my dear Bubbles, who is featured in the latest post titled "The XYZ of :Love." I also happen to know most of the people whose lives GG (Gossip Girl) exposes. GG is undoubtedly a gifted writer, making the mundane and raunchy sound at least a bit classy and ultimately amusing.

Speaking of La Bubbles, he has a blog too! Atbp. ni Biloc is his musings on life, love, and lust.  Ok, maybe not lust, but how can you separate that from La Bubbles, right?

It's quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what Atbp. ni Biloc is all about. It's at times philosophical ("But whatever the LOTUS entails, for me it’s a flower that gives radiance. You appreciate the form it shows and how it blooms"), political, or just simply musical. A example of the latter is his latest post on Lani Misalucha's Tila, which I suspect is La Bubbles' ode to the rainy season in this part of the world? Ladies and gentlemen, please help me figure out Atbp. ni Biloc.

Rounding up my finds of Pinoy-authored blogs in BKK is the latest addition to the small group, Siam Stylista. I am totally excited that finally there's a street-style blog covering the many fashionistas in this city (I'm not exactly sure if this is the first and only, but it's the only site of its kind I've seen so far).

It's a relatively newly-started blog and the author has been quite consistent in posting. At the moment, it's still difficult to figure out the aesthetics that draws Siam Stylista to his subjects, but he's off to a good start nonetheless. He even had the chance to interview the owner of one of my favorite Thai brands, Wonder Anatomie (Donita Rose, check it out!).

By the look of it, there's a growing number of Pinoy bayot bloggers in Bangkok and one can only wish that our number increases even further. Again, these are the only blogs to my knowledge but there could be more out there. If you happen to be one of those authors I forgot to mention, please feel free to drop me a message.


fuchsiaboy said...

Ay yung nagbenta sa atin nung skull print sya pala yung owner and designer! interview-hin ko kaya for Radar? ;)

Cee said...

na-touched naman ako sa blog entry mong ito Ms. BangCOCK-awadjan =D sana naman hindi ka na nahiya ateng nung nakita mo ako sa concert ni charice dahil excited din akong mameet ka in person...di bale, i-sched natin ang ating get-together party mga ka-Pinay Bloggers in Siam...take care 8-)

Kiks said...

Ang winnur, K.

And I love Siam Stylista's v shirt. With a fassion.

Nong Bee said...

Thanks for the mention. :)

Gossip Girl TS said...

Thanks for including GG in your list... that said, you are spotted :) To be honest, the blog was actually borne out partly because of your influence. I and a friend (Lady B) have been following your blog and enjoying every entry. I mentioned to you many times how we secretly accessed your blog in our previous office (as we're not allowed to open any website there other than our company and business sites) just to read the latest and amuse ourselves coz you write really well. Finally, thanks for the tips and encouragement to update GG :)

Sawasdee ka and Mabuhay!

Anonymous said...

Long time ago I came on your blog via "bangkok of the mind" . I have been following you both know for more then two years . But now there is no connection anymore with BKK blog, do you know what is going on.


PS :still like your blog, and take

Bkkdreamer said...

Bangkok of the Mind's author still follows this blog, have no fear!


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