Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Emoterang Frog

As 2010 comes to a close, the cliche is we take a look at what happened within the year and make an emo post about it all. I love cliches, you know? So here it goes...

Well, I really don't have any reason to whine for 2010, and that's quite a feat considering I whine for a past-time. Easily 2010 is one of the best years of recent memory, in all fronts in fact.

Work, while completely hectic, had been fulfilling. The office entrusted me with a couple of projects that I poured blood, sweat, and terms on. Ok, just a few sleepless nights. I like the challenge and tension of it all though; I like being busy and useful. Both projects ended this month and I'm quite proud of the accomplishments, although I wish they were nothing less than perfect.

In relation to work, I was also able to travel a bit this year. My first trip outside Southeast Asia was in Yunnan in September, followed by a meeting in Seoul in October, and then another official trip to Orissa, India this month. Despite being work trips of just a few days, I still managed to get a feel of the places I visited... and well someone else paid for those trips.

Speaking of holidays, my family visited me last May. It was the height of the crackdown of the "red shirt" protesters in Bangkok, my family did not see many parts of the city. Just having them here was good enough for me. They really liked Thai food and my mom was impressed with the canal tour - the most touristy of activities out there. I'm happy my mom made it for the trip despite her health. And I finally introduced my BF to my her.

Which brings me to the most significant aspect of my year... *blush blush*. It is the right time, and he is the right person, and I am in the right frame of mind, hence, things fell into place. We are close to celebrating one year together. The past twelve months had been a joy because of him. With how things worked so well during that period, I'm definitely looking forward to a more romantic future for him and me.

By the time this post finds its way on the blog I'd be in Vientiane for a workshop, which ends on Thursday. I'm staying a bit longer there to spend the new year, throwing toasts for 2011 with Beer Lao in my hand.


Lyka Bergen said...

Itong plalakang toh... nakatungtung lang sa Elepante, akala mo kung sino na. Pls lang!

Kiks said...

teary eyed ako habang kumakain ng beef rendang... (chomp! chomp! chomp!)

Was Once said...

Congrats on a great year! Wedding Bells soon?

Carlo dela Rosa said...

mapa-Kermit o Kerokerokeroppi ka man, isa kang winner na KOKAK! congrats sa isang taon mo na puno ng kulay at buhay lalo na ang iyong pag-ibig =)

... said...

I'm so happy for you dear and for more happy moments ng year 2011 :)

toxic disco boy said...

anong sinabi ni bryan boy sa elephant pose! kavogue!

happy new year madam! ^^


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