Monday, March 07, 2011

Marching On

Yikes, it's already March! I don't intend to do a monthly post in this blog... But sadly, I've been completely negligent of my duty to my six readers. For the past weeks I have not been compelled to write something simply because of good old laziness.

I couldn't blame lack of material. I've seen amazing movies in February, and had been to a few Pinoy mafia raids, and the fashion weeks in NY, Milan, and Paris have come and gone. None of these compelled me to write. Sigh.

If there's anything occupying my head this past month it has been swimming. Owing to my dramatic weight gain these past months, I finally took control of my expanding waistline (the diet of peanuts and water is hardly werking) by going to the pool four times a week. Anyone who follows me on Twitter must be quite annoyed at my constant updates on my progress in my strokes and breathing and all that shit.

Yes, I'm taking swimming very seriously. I swim one hour per session and always trying to swim better. I like challenging my self, otherwise what's the point of doing something? I do drills, read blogs, and watch Youtube videos to improve my technique.

On the weight part, yes, swimming is werking. I'm way trimmer now. I'm making swimming work for me and I'm very happy because I see results after only about five weeks of constantly going to the pool. So there, I'm definitely serious on channeling my inner Little Mermaid in the name of vanity (what else?).

OK, so what else is there to look forward to in March?

This weekend magsasanib pwersa ang mga Pinoy Bayots from San Francisco and mainland Southeast Asia (read: Bangkok and Siem Reap) on a trip to the Island of the Gods... Baliwag Balisawsaw Balintatanaw... BALI. This is going to be a major holiday full of camp and flame, my dahlings.

Imagine, Lyka Bergen meets Fuchsiaboy? Bubbles meets Mama O? Kawadjan meets Ekra Tan? Need I say more? So beware, I'm going to flood this blog with photos of all the gay terror we will spread in Bali.

Many thanks to the Las Tres Estrellas of San Francisco for dragging us along on their bakasyon grande.

Anyway, after Bali I'm heading to Las Islas Filipinas, Perlas ng Silangan, for a visit to the family. My sister is finally getting hitched... and girl listen to this, I'm walking her down the aisle along with my mom.

Carolina Herrera or Inno Sotto? Givenchy or Patis Tesoro? Ok, I've decided to settle for Puey Quinones. Charing!

My only wish is that I DON'T overshadow my sister on perhaps the biggest day of her life. But I'm not saying I won't... if I can help it. Who knows?

On top of that, I'm going home with the bf, which means he would see the little city I grew up in, meet my relatives and friends (he has met my family about a year ago), and we'd have time together (more than anything else). Gosh, it's been five looooong months since we last saw each other, no? I'm eagerly counting the days until we meet again that's why I can't wait for this month's days to just move along.


Gossip Girl TS said...

am so glad for all the achievements despite the absence of the missus. it goes on to show that a woman who can wait deserves a fantastic gift..chos!

anyway, enjoy Bali and the visit to Las Islas...may your sis' beauty prevail above all during her big day! No one beats a bride's blush so they say...well, unless you decide to get hitched on the spot :) That being the case, it's just appropriate to contact Vera to prepare your ultimate dream gown ready to be flown to Surigao in case the exigency arises :)

Matilda Kundera
Czech Republic

Was Once said...

best site for swimming tips and videos:

Franco Dionco said...

Enjoy Bali with the gels and of course ang pinas.

I can feel your excitement teh.

Love love!

Jase said...

kailan ???

Luis Batchoy said...

seven kawadjan seven readers hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Kawadjan
Nice to see you blogging again and its fantastic you will be on holiday in Bali! Great news on your sis but remember its HER big day and not yours :o)
Oh I saw you and Bubbles in a bar in Silom and sat behind you but I was so in awe of your presence that I was too shy to say Hi!
you look great BTW!!
Ommi xx


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