Friday, March 21, 2008

Off to Get a Tan... Not

My god, this is a trip that's like eight months in the making.

When I was working in an inter-government NGO in Manila, I met this Thai school-teacher, Tone, who was attending a workshop on Southeast Asian education (or one of those) in my office. That was in July, a month before my scheduled relocation to BKK.

When he learned about this, the warm guy that he is, he invited me to his home province of Phanga (I'm not sure about the spelling) and offered to bring me to neighboring Phuket. We have been out quite a number of times when I came to Thailand. He and his friend took me to Baiyoke, the tallest building in the country, on my second week in BKK. Last February, he also brought me to his campus where he is finishing his PhD.

So on the afternoon of Sunday, PJ and I are leaving on a 12-hour bus ride to Phanga in the south of Thailand.

Coming from Surigao, which is surrounded by water and has some of the most astounding beaches around, I'm really bored with beaches. I swear, I abhor sand on my feet and sun on my skin. I just don't dig them, I can't help it, I'm sorry. I'd rather go to the mountains or visit a museum or some crumbling temple if given the choice.

But dahling, who the fuck can resist Phuket? Haler, like most people would kill to see Phuket. So I said, all right, might as well get this over with and tick Phuket off my list of places to see in Thailand.

I did not prepare much really. I just have to make sure that I bring loads of sunblock and my sunglasses. I did not even bother to research about the place (which is absolutely not me!). I'd leave the itinerary to my host. I remember Tone telling me that he might drive us to Krabi as well and even see the Phi Phi Islands if we have enough time.

Oh, camwhoring it is then. I'd try my best to post pictures during the trip.

Did I say I did not prepare for this trip? Ooops, I lied. I have actually been dieting since, I don't know, January? I'm on this new diet. Well, I don't eat anything and when I feel like I'm about to faint I eat a cube of cheese. I'm just one stomach flu away from my goal weight. Wink, wink!

I shall be back on Friday.


Anonymous said...

BITHCH!!!BITCH!!!BITCH!!!is this why you insisted iread your blog today???!!!!!
Phi Phi Islands is where the beach was shot right?

ate (LOL)

jericho said...

wow ... beach sa thailand. only been to Koh SameT (tama ba ispeling, ewan). basta nagandahan ako sa lugar na yun ... at hindi pa raw yun ang pinakamaganda, in fairness.

fuchsiaboy said...

hoy emily, maghunosdili ka sa mga pinagsasabi mo! anung cube ng cheese? lamon ka kaya ng lamon ng mga kung anu anung noodles sa bangketa na dinadapuan ng kung anu anung mga insekto. you shouldn't mix your carbs with your protein kaya. tapos nap ka pa ng nap. e di ba nakakataba yun?! naku, may makikitang whale sa Phuket, Krabi at Phi phi (pwe, parang wiwi).

Hay naku you cancel it na!

That's all.

Quentin X said...

Just don't starve yourself to nothingness, Darl. Your figure is just perfect at this stage.

kawadjan said...

ate: like i know, right?

jericho: truelagen. kho samed / samet is near bkk kaya daming tao doon. at sangkatutak daw ang bading! punyeta, palaging nauudlot ang mga plano ko doon. soon dear, soon.

don: pare, walang labasan ng baho sa eating habits ko. naman eh, nawawalan ako ng credibility tuloy. anyway, whale nga ako, sperm whale naman. chenelyn!

quentin: a fag can never be rich or thin enough. bow.

The Islander said...

tsk tsk! nice shot. how i wish makatsamba ako nan ing-ana.


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